Arch 521 lectures connect the history of media and technology with contemporary methods of practice. Every lecture starts with a GIF from a movie released in 1994 — it was a good year for GIFs. Figuring out how the Graphics Interchange Format is related to the lecture content is the intro to each class.

Interview with the Vampire, Neil Jordan (1994)
Fargo, Coen Brothers (1994 – Ok, it’s actually 1996)
Timecop, Peter Hyams (1994)
Hoop Dreams, Steve James (1994)

Everytime you spin a model inside a computer an orthographer falls down dead. No amount of clapping will reinstate orthography as the primary system of architectural production.

The Hudsucker Proxy, Coen Brothers (1994)

What is the legacy of efficiency in the context of architectural production? Why is the idea of efficiency at the center of most architectural concerns?

Forrest Gump, Ron Howard (1994)

The Project of Authority — who’s your favorite architect, what type of work do they do — and other innocuous questions.

The Mask, Chuck Russell (1994)

Intro to Technics, Technology, Media and other stunt-workflows.

Architecture is like Keanu Reeves’ character in Speed.
Architecture is great at jumping on fast-moving buses.
Jumping on a moving bus requires great skill.
Architecture never designs, makes or drives the bus.
Technics (not Techne) is a fast-moving bus.
Architecture never defines its own technics.
Most students don’t know there is a bus.
Some students don’t know how to jump on the bus.
Almost every student will be ran over by the bus.
Every student is affected by the bus fumes.
Architecture should be like Sandra Bullock’s character in Speed.

Speed, Michael Bay (1994)